Sebastian Karamakov
Full Name Sebastian Karamakov
Gender Male
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Family Natasha Willis wife

Katrina Karamakov daughter
Ethan Karamakov son

Relationships Ethan's Mom, divorced

Natasha Willis, wife
Saskia Duncan, possible girlfriend

Job Choreographer
First Episode Heatwave
Last Episode Like No One's Watching
Reason Season 2 Ended
Portrayed By Peter O'Brien
Sebastian Karamakov is a minor character in Season 1 and Season 2 of dance academy. He is the father of Katrina Karamakov and Ethan Karamakov ; and Natasha Willis's husband. He is a choreogrpapher and temporarily hires Ethan as his assistant. He divorced his first wife, who is Ethan's mother, and Ethan spots him with Saskia and worries that he likes her.

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