ABC3A Choreographed LifeA Midsummer's Night's Dream
A Midsummer's Night's Dream / GalleryA Perfect StormAaron Dean
Abigail's SongsAbigail ArmstrongAbigail Armstrong / Gallery
AbithanAbithan (Gallery)Adam Saunders
Admin Waiting ListAdminsAlicia Banit
Alicia Banit / GalleryAnthea ArmstrongAri Lieberman
Ashleigh RossAshleigh Ross / GalleryBFF: Best Friends Forever
BFF: Best Friends Forever / GalleryBackstabBallet Fever
Ballet Fever / GalleryBaraBehind Barres
Behind Barres / GalleryBen TickleBen Tickle / Gallery
Betty BunheadsBetty Bunheads / GalleryBreaking Pointe
Brooke HarmanCariba HeineCatch Me If I Fall
Christian ReedChristian Reed / GalleryConnectivity
Crush Test DummiesCrush Test Dummies / GalleryDance Academy
Dance Academy: The ComebackDance Academy Final Season?Dance Academy Wiki
Dena KaplanDon't Let Me Down GentlyDream Life
DreamlifeDreamlife / GalleryDrew Reed
Episode GuideEthan-Tara RelationshipEthan Karamakov
Ethan Karamakov / GalleryFOMO: Fear of Missing OutFOMO: Fear of Missing Out / Gallery
Fairest and BestFairest and Best / GalleryFake It Until You Make It
FamilyFamily / GalleryFaux Pas De Deux
Faux Pas De Deux / GalleryFinnFlight or Fight Response
Flight or Fight Response / GalleryFree FallingFree Falling / Gallery
GeorgiaGlueGood Life
GraceGrace WhitneyGrace Whitney / Gallery
GracelandGraceland / GalleryGrowing Pains
Growing Pains / GalleryHeartbeatHeartbeat / Gallery
HeatwaveHeatwave / GalleryIn the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated / GalleryIsabelleIsabelle / Gallery
Issi DurantIssi Durant / GalleryJamie
Jan WebsterJason ChongJordan Rodrigues
Julian CurtisKastian (Gallery)Kat Karamakov
Kat Karamakov / GalleryKat and ChristianKatigail
Katigail (Gallery)KaylahKeiynan Lonsdale
Keiynan Lonsdale / GalleryKethanKethan (Gallery)
Ladder TheoryLearning to Fly, Part 1Learning to Fly, Part 1 / Gallery
Learning to Fly, Part 2Learning to Fly, Part 2 / GalleryLegends
Legends / GalleryLike No One's WatchingLike No One's Watching / Gallery
LilyLove It Or Fight ItLove It or Fight It
Love and WarLove it or Fight itLucas
Luke BraceyLuluMarilyn
Marilyn / GalleryMiaMichael Slade
MinefieldMinefield / GallertMiss Raine
MistiiMoving OnMr. Kennedy
My ChanceMy Life En PointeMy Life En Pointe / Gallery
My Life en PointeMyles KellyN'FEKTD
Natasha WillisNational Academy of DanceNegative Patterns
Neil WebsterNew RulesNew Rules / Gallery
Not for NothingOllie LloydOllie Lloyd / Gallery
One Perfect DayOne Perfect Day / GalleryOrigins
Paigail (Gallery)Paige ArmstrongPatrick
PerfectionPerfection / GalleryPeter O'Brien
Petra HoffmanPetra Hoffman / GalleryPetrammy
Petrammy (Gallery)Petrina (Gallery)Policies
PressurePressure / GalleryPrix de Fonteyn
R.I.P Sammy LiebermanRaf ReedReal Men Don't Dance
Real Men Don't Dance / GalleryRemyRescue Mission
Rhys O'LearySamantha StraussSammy-Tara Friendship
Sammy LiebermanSammy Lieberman / GallerySaskia Duncan
Saskia Duncan / GallerySatSat (Gallery)
ScoutScoutian (Gallery)Sean
Season 1Season 2Season 3
Sebastian KaramakovSebastian KarmakovSecond Chances
Self SabotageShort Cut ClauseShort Cut Clause / Gallery
ShowcaseShowcase / GallerySistian (Gallery)
Sollie (Gallery)Start of An EraStephen Multari
Tammy (Gallery)Tara-Kat FriendshipTara Morice
Tara WebsterTara Webster / GalleryTarasha
Tethan (Gallery)The BreakThe Deep End
The Deep End / GalleryThe Ladder TheoryThe Naturals
The Perfect StormThe Prix de FonteynThe Red Shoes
The SecondThe Second / GalleryThomas Lacey
Through the Looking GlassThrough the Looking Glass / GalleryTick, Question Mark, Cross
TimTim PocockTim Pocock / Gallery
Tom GreenTravelling LightTravelling Light / Gallery
Trisha ReedTristianTurning Pointes
Turning Pointes / GalleryVictoria HillWarnings
Week ZeroWeek Zero / GalleryWes
Wesley CooperWin or LoseXenia Goodwin
Zach AndrewsZiggy

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