Abithan (Abi/gail and E/than) is the romantic pairing between Abigail Armstrong and Ethan Karamakov. {{Infobox − |Box title = Abithan − |image = File:Ethan-abigail-dance-academy-29907551-1280-800.jpg − |Row 1 title = Shipped Characters − |Row 1 info = Abigail Armstrong and Ethan Karamakov − |Row 2 title = Length of Relationship − |Row 3 title = Status − |Row 3 info = Crush on, kissed once, possibly dating since The Red Shoes − |Row 4 title = Rivals − |Row 4 info = Sabigail, Tethan and Ethabelle − |Row 5 title = Other Pairing Names − |Row 5 info = Ethabigail}} − ==History== − In the first season, it is clear that Ethan doesn't like Abigail. When Abigail is doing a cruel impression of Tara in the Common Room, which Tara sees, Ethan calls her empty. − In the second season, Ethan asks Abigail to be his dancer for his showcase performance. During this period, he begins having feelings for Abigail, who turns him down initially. Later on, he asks her to be a judge for a low-budget play and eventually he asks the director, Finn, to make her the lead actress. At first she refuses, but eventually she begins to enjoy acting in the musical more than she does ballet. While helping Abigail with her solos, they began developing feelings for each other. For the preliminaries of Prix de Fonteyn, she kissed him in a surprise attack before going on stage to make sure that the relationship wasn't "strictly professional". Ethan repeatedly tries to get her attention by following her in the hallways and asking her on dates to which she denies, trying to prove that she can resist him. While celebrating the acceptance of Ethan's new job, he asked her out but she said no because she likes "ambitious people". After this he took the job in Spain and left, in which his absence she begins to realize that she needs him when the pressure of ballet begins to get to her. If ever When Ethan arrives at the memorial, Abigail looks away shiftily. At the end of Season 2 Abigail goes to Barcelona with Ethan.

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